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January 2014 MVP

hyrro posted Feb 17, 14
Congratulations to Xanhohoho for winning January's MVP.


Xanhohoho lol im speechless

December MVP!

GtØne a posted Jan 12, 14
Congratz to Scrubbubbles for Dec. MVP! Livid can always count on you for advice about X-mog's, throwing raids together, and switching to tank (even when drunk) always when we need you! Thanks for being a HUGE part of what Livid strives to be. You're awesome!

scrubbubbles a lol ill scrub them out wit my awesomeness
bigwes26 lol that's a sick graphic. oh the drunk tanking i'd rather gouge my eyes out, get it gouge ...

Livid's MVP for November!

GtØne a posted Dec 7, 13
This month we're introducing an MVP Award! Each month we'll take an anonymous vote for Livid's most valuable player. For the month of November, BigWes was our winner! Through his dedication and ability to step up to the plate as a raid leader/officer, we'd like to thank you BigWes for gettin' Livid. 

What's going on in Livid?

GtØne a posted Sep 12, 13

Livid recently wrapped up Siege of Orgrimmar by defeating Garrosh Hellscream on 25 man difficulty! 

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x-realm heroic SoO. now it will be even easier to test apps ^_^
Ohai guys
sha video [link]
nazgrim video [link]
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